Upon selection, an offer letter will be sent via email to the selected candidates. Upon signing the offer letter, an initial two (2) year Employment Contract (sample attached in Appendix A) will be offered. Prior to completion of the initial two (2) year Employment Contract, it is the school’s intention to offer a new additional two (2) year Employment Contract. This will be based on satisfactory performance.

The school will offer an annual net salary paid in 12 (twelve) equal monthly installments. Half of the salary will be paid in United States Dollars and the other half will be paid in Maldivian Rufiyaa.
The initial salary offer will reflect qualifications and experience. Thereafter, salary will be reviewed every 2 (two) years, and increased up to a 2.5% increment.
Salary will be calculated from 21st of the current month to the 20th of the subsequent month. Salary will be paid on or before the last date of the month. First month’s salary will be paid in cash and from the second month onwards, the salary will be deposited to a local Bank Account opened under the employee’s name. First month’s salary will be counted from the first day of work onwards.

At the end of each academic year, each employee will be entitled to an Annual Bonus equivalent to the gross monthly salary. This will be paid at the end of the calendar year. All teachers who work from August till the end of the academic year will be eligible for this bonus. For teachers who join during the year, Annual Bonus will be given according to the number of months they have worked. For e.g. a teacher who joins in the beginning of January will receive an Annual Bonus equivalent to monthly gross salary divided into 6 (six) months (January to July).

All employees are required to open bank accounts (USD and MVR) in one of the banks in taldives, where their salary would be deposited from the 2nd month onwards. The company will assist in this process by issuing a letter of employment for bank reference purpose and making an appointment at the bank of choice. The company recommends Bank of Maldives (National Bank), State Bank of India and Commercial Bank of Maldives. International transfer is available within any one of these banks. Money transfer via Western Union is also available in the Maldives.

Each teacher will be provided with a fully furnished apartment with basic household items in the Greater Male’ region, in one of the islands of Male’, Hulhumale’ and Villingili. Further information on this can be found in Appendix B.
For teachers with children, depending on the family size, the size of the apartment (number of rooms) shall be determined. The teacher will be responsible for all charges made for their use of electricity, water, phone, internet, cable V, gas and other utilities used within the premises. Teachers shall also agree to a Tenancy Agreement that is attached in Appendix C.

Each teacher will receive a relocation allowance of 1000 (one thousand) Euros upon their arrival to Maldives. This will be given in cash in United States Dollars, depending on the conversion rate on www.xe.com, on the day of arrival.

Medical Insurance will be provided for the teacher and family from one of the leading insurance agencies in Maldives. This will be offered with a premium package that will cover both inpatient and outpatient costs in general. An overview of this package can be found in Appendix D. Terms and conditions may slightly differ depending on what is available at the time of joining.

Teachers will not be required to participate in any pension schemes in Maldives.

The academic year is from August to July, with two terms. There is a break in the middle of each term and after each term ends. The annual break is at the end of the academic year from July to August. There are also several public holidays due to the religious or governmental celebrations.

a. Prior to Commencement of Employment
Flight tickets from point of hire to Maldives will be provided for the teacher and maximum 2 (two) other immediate family members. Spouse, children, step children and any child under legal guardianship of the teacher shall be considered as immediate family.

b. Annual ticket
At the end of each academic year, return economy flight tickets to Finland or any other location up to the costs of tickets to Finland will be given to each teacher and maximum 2 (two) family members. Only teachers who work a full academic year will be eligible for this annual ticket.

Upon signing the offer letter, all teachers will be required to send the following documents to apply for Employment Approval in the Maldives.

a. Passport Scanned copy, bio-data pages (Not less than 200 dpi resolution, JPEG format). Passport should have a validity of more than 1 (one) year when they arrive to Maldives.
b. Passport Size Photo, with white background recent photo not less than three months old (check photo guidelines in Appendix E).
c. Education Certificates of the highest qualification (attested / notarized copies), all certificates need to be in English language, and certificates in a foreign language should be translated to English.
d. Reference / work experience letters from your previous employer (Attested / notarized Copies) should be translated to English and notarized by a lawyer.
e. A recent criminal reference check report
f. Certificate of medical fitness to work in Maldives
a. This should state the medical history of the person and certify that the person do not suffer from AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis (or if undergoing treatment) and a basic physical examination.
The application for Employment Approval will be submitted to the Maldives Immigration via an online portal and it often takes 7-21 days for approval. This document is basically an approval to enter Maldives with intention to work, and should be converted to a work visa upon approval, subject to a medical checkup in Maldives.
Once Employment Approval is received, a mutual date of arrival will be decided and tickets will be purchased accordingly by the company. Upon arrival to Maldives, all teachers will be subjected to a standard medical checkup at one of the authorized hospitals and application for work permit has to be applied within 15 working days. The following documents are required to apply for the Work Visa.
a. Original Passport (with minimum of 7 months validity).
b. Copy of Employment Approval.
c. Work Visa card fee of MVR 50.
d. Passport Size Photo, with a white background recent photo not less than three months old (check photo guidelines in Appendix E).
e. Original of medical report from a local authorized hospital in the Maldives.
f. Work visa submission receipt.

Once work permit is approved, an immigration card will be issued to the employee. Work visa has to be renewed once every year.

If any teacher wishes to bring immediate family members to live in Maldives during the time of their employment, a separate visa called dependent visa has to be obtained for them. Application for a dependent visa can be made ONLY after the work visa for the employee is approved. Therefore, teachers have to travel alone to Maldives, obtain a visa and family can only arrive once the dependent visas are approved. If the family wishes to travel with the teacher, then they can only enter with a tourist visa and have to exit the country to apply for the dependent visa. The following documents will be required to apply for a Dependent Visa.

a. Application form
b. Passport size photo (recent, white background)
c. Valid Passport
d. Copy of valid work visa card or employment approval
e. Marriage certificate copy (if for the first time, should bring the original marriage certificate)
f. If for children; birth certificate copy (for the first time, should bring the original birth certificate)
g. Expatriate Health Insurance
h. Medical Report
i. Fee (MVR 750/- per 3 months or part of 3 months)
j. MVR 50/- for permit card

All visa related expenses for the employee and two other family members will be borne by the company. Any other visa related expenses for an employee's family has to be borne by the employee.
Please see appendix F for a visual of the visa process.

An education package will be provided for free for teachers’ children from Preschool up to grade 12, in schools managed by the Company and related companies. This package includes the school registration fee, security deposit and monthly tuition fee. Any other expenses such as books, uniforms, lunch money, expenses related to extra-curricular activities has to be borne by the teacher.

Public education from grade 1 to 10 is free in Maldives, therefore this option is available as well, subject to availability of seats. Under this package, there are no school fee charges and book sets are provided for free. All other expenses have to be borne by the parents.

There are few other private, international schools in Maldives where children can be enrolled. However teachers have to bear all the costs in this case.

Those who earn MVR 60,000 and above per month are obligated to pay income tax in Maldives. The tax amount depends on the overall package given to staff. The package includes monthly salary, accommodation rent in ful if fully furnished, if company furnished place then rent plus 20 percent, tickets, health insurance premium (including dependent), annual bonus and any other benefit paid to staff. The income tax brackets are as follows:

· Less than 60,000 - tax free.
· Between 60,000 to 100,000 - 5.5%
· Between 100,000 to 150,000 - 8%
· Between 150,000 to 200,000 - 12%
· Above 200,000 - 15%.

Teachers will be required to work 5 (five) days a week, and a total of 40 (forty) hours per week. This includes 24 teaching hours. Working days are from Sunday to Thursday, 8 (eight) hours per day with a daily one-hour lunch break, and half days during Ramadan.

All teachers will be entitled to the paid leaves as listed below:

a. End of school holidays as per academic calendar, this takes place between July and August depending on Government academic year calendar
b. End of term one holiday in December
c. Mid-term holidays, 1 (one) week in every term.
d. All public holidays.

All employees will be entitled to 30 (thirty) working days of paid medical leave. Medical leave should be taken only when the employee is sick and unable to attend to work. This should be notified to the immediate supervisor prior to commencement of working hours and upon returning to work, an application for Medical Leave should be submitted to the HR department of the school, on the day of returning to work.

If the employee is unable to attend to work for 2 (two) or more consecutive days, the employee would be required to submit a Medical Certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner from an authorized and registered medical institution along with the completed application for medical leave.

All employees are eligible to 10 (ten) days of family emergency leave per year, to attend to immediate family members in unforeseen circumstances.

Female employees are entitled to 60 (sixty) working days of paid maternity leave after child birth.
Male employees are entitled to 3 (three) working days of paid paternity leave after child birth.