Finland International School officially opens

the opening ceremony of Finland International School. Photo: Hussain Waheed/Mihaaru

Finland’s Ambassador to South Asia Harri Kämäräinen, and Director and Chairman of Islanders Education Abdulla Adhly Rasheed, inaugurated Finland International School in capital Male' on Monday.

High ranking delegates from Finland’s education sector arrived in Maldives for the inauguration, including:

- Finland Ambassador to South Asia, Harri Kämäräinen

- Jyväskylä University Dean, Dr Anna-Maija Poikkeus

- Jyväskylä University Senior Education Expert and Lecturer, Pasi Ikonen

The international school was converted from the Dream Campus located in Henveiru ward.

Prior to Monday's official inauguration, the school began teaching enrolled students at the start of the new academic year. Currently, the school is teaching 200 students from grades 1-5. However, Islanders Education said that the school would add on grades with each year.

According to local media Mihaaru, Kämäräinen said that inaugurating a Finland school in Maldives was an immense honour and, as the first Finland school in Asia, it is a marker of Maldives advancement in the education sector.

He stated his optimism that other Asian countries will take examples from Maldives.

Furthermore, he said that the opening of the school would lead to improved results in students and their learning of important life skills, and likened it to being a bridge to further relations between Maldives and Finland.

Minister of Education Dr Aishath Ali highlighted that independent entities partaking in providing education is important as it is not an easy task for the administration alone to undertake.

“This is a very good opportunity for Maldivian children”, said the Minister.

She revealed that some aspects of Finland’s system would be incorporated in order to enhance the national syllabus.

Finland school revealed that although the school would be teaching Finland’s curriculum, it would incorporate Maldives’ culture and heritage and would be in accordance with Islam in the syllabus.

They also said that each individual class would be taught by expert teachers who have attained Master’s degree in Finland Universities. Local teachers would work in conjunction with teachers from Finland.