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Islanders Group, the parent company of Islanders Education; opened the first ever International School in Male’ in the year 2008. After changing the branding in 2012, Islanders Education came into existence and currently operates 3 international schools and 1 community preschool in Male’.

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IE Board of Directors

Abdul Rasheed
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Ahmed Adhly Rasheed
 Executive Director
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Mohamed Eedham Rasheed
 Executive Director
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Kangaroo Kids 

International Preschool


Billabong High

International School


Ameer Ahmed

Community Preschool


Finland International

School Maldives


Iqra International



Foundation for

a Better Future


Teaching Tube




Finland International School Maldives

Finland International School Maldives (FISM) was opened in January 2019. Islanders Education’s partner company, Educonnect, in February 2018 signed an agreement with Finland’s EduCluster to open Asia’s first Finland International School in the Maldives. FISM currently caters to 250 students from grades 1 to 6. Currently the FISM team consists of 20 teachers, both Finnish and local, in addition to the Principal and Vice Principal. At the beginning of each academic year, a new grade will be introduced at FISM, with plans to start grade 7 in 2021 already underway. The academic year runs from August to June. IE and FISM are in  partnership with Educluster Finland.

School Leaders

Dr. Eija Valanne
Vili Kurkela
 Vice Principal

Teachers from Finland

Jyrki Veräjänkorva
 Class Teacher
Linda Okora
 Class Teacher
Leena Veräjänkorva
 Class Teacher
Pilvi Saarela
 Class Teacher
Kirsi Ilmonen
 SEN Teacher