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Finnish Education

Finland’s education system is internationally acclaimed for its impressive track record in producing high-ranking student performance, while nurturing well-being for individuals and communities. The Finnish education system from Finland is widely regarded around the world as the best and foremost education system since the publication of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) assessment rankings.


The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), run by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), continually revealed just how good Finnish education/institutions are. The PISA assessment ranks the performance of over half a million school children in science, literacy, and math. In this triennial test, Finland has continuously scored very high (first worldwide in reading in 2000, first in reading and science in 2003, first in science in 2006, and second in science in 2009).

The focus must always be in learning.

The fundamental tool for that is collaboration.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Finland International School Maldives is built on experiences and know-how from the Finnish education system in respect of Maldivian culture to cherish students’ joy of learning and to encourage teachers’ pedagogical collaboration leading to success.

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Our Mission

Deliver outstanding education in collaboration with Maldivian and Finnish teachers

Assemble and implement school level curriculum based on Finnish Core Curriculum and the best practices from Finnish education

Build students’ learning experiences based on their learning potential

Forster hands-on training for the Maldivian teachers in co-operation with Finnish teachers

Principal's Message

I began my career in a classroom 25 years ago, as a class teacher.  My passion for teaching and learning has guided me over these   many years to  reach greater heights in this work that i love very much. I have worked as a Principal for 10 years,  including my last 5 years as  a Founding Principal of Finland Oman School in Muscat.


Having completed my Masters Degree in Education and Post-graduate studies in  Social Sciences,  where I studied Cultural Diversity and Islam in the West, I     find myself at home here in this thriving school community that is - Finland International School Maldives (FISM)

Our goal at FISM is to witness the joy of learning every single day at our school. This is supported by trusting our teachers, giving them the autonomy to craft lessons based on the Finnish curricula that they see is best for our students.  This practice   bonds us  and nurtures      joy of learning that is  meaningful and purposeful for our children in this vibrant learning community.

- Terhi  Carita Merensky

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Finland International School Maldives is owned by Educonnect Asia and managed in collaboration with Educonnect Global, Finland. Educonnect is a company that specializes in emulating the global success of the Finnish education model, while recognizing the autonomy of local cultures and communities. 

Educonnect Empowered Schools offer world-class education inspired by Finnish learning system where trust in the teaching profession facilitate autonomy of teachers to make sure we always keep learning and well-being of children at the  heart of our story.

Quality assurance and accreditation from Finland

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