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Secrets of FISM High School

Continuum of learning

At FISM, the learning and teaching approach is consistent from grade 1 to 10, with gradual introduction of new subjects and learning forms while building upon the solid foundation of skills and knowledge.

The importance of grade 10

We value our grade 10 students as an integral part of the learning community at FISM. They have a special role as the eldest students, with various learning activities and whole school days. We believe in fostering the joy of learning, even as they prepare for their next stage of education.

Open and subject specific learning environments

As students progress, they learn subject-specific skills and knowledge in designated classrooms for crafts, science labs, home economics and music, in addition to open learning environments.

Collaboration of 50 students

At FISM, we prioritize learning together to foster collaboration and produce skilled citizens for the common good. Success is not achieved through competition, but rather through cooperation. FISM High offers both large and small group settings for students to develop collaborative skills

Team teaching and interdisciplinary learning

Collaborative teaching is a core element of FISM High's approach, with teachers of different subjects working together to plan and conduct holistic units that connect subjects for students.


At FISM, we provide SEN support, support classes, and assistant teachers for students who require additional learning assistance. Each student's support needs are evaluated individually and arrangements are flexible.

Study Guidance

√At FISM, we help our students confidently step into their future. That's why we provide personalized study guidance, focusing on each student's individual needs and dreams. 

Cultural identity

FISM High's learning experiences foster a genuine connection with Maldivian culture, society, and environment. This is achieved through the selection of meaningful Cambridge IGCSE subjects and themes, as well as real-life interactions with various stakeholders in the Maldives.

Individual timetables

At FISM High, timetables are tailored to each student's interests and strengths, with core subjects studied both together and in smaller, individualized groups.

Breaks and PE

At FISM, breaks from lessons are a common practice, including at FISM High. Students can enjoy fresh air, games, or relaxation. Physical exercise is a priority for all students from grade 1 to 10, with FISM High aiming to provide exercise forms that suit individual needs and promote healthy habits for the future


FISM High uses the Finnish National Core Curriculum and Maldivian National Curriculum for local subjects from grades 1 to 9 to provide a broad education, gradually transitioning to prepare children to take IGCSE subjects and examinations in Grade 10.


In grades 8 and 9, the FISM introduces Blue Economy framework that combines IGCSE subjects with themes for the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihood and jobs while preserving the health of the ocean ecosystem. 


The Blue Economy framework will be taught through project-based learning in small groups, to provide a meaningful understanding of Maldivian environment and society.

In grades 8 and 9, FISM High students will have 8 lessons per week dedicated to the Blue Economy. During the 10 week units, students will approach the topic of the unit from four different viewpoints, a viewpoint at a time. All viewpoints connect to IGCSE syllabi during this stage of high school as well.

  1. STEM (IGCSE: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Marine Science, Environmental Management, Design and Technology)

  2. Humanities (IGCSE: Sociology, Global Perspectives)

  3. Hospitality (IGCSE: Travel and Tourism, Enterprise, Business Studies)

  4. Arts (IGCSE: Art and Design, Music)

All students will focus on each viewpoint twice during the year to provide them with the basic skills and knowledge of the subject's syllabi.

FISM High introduces subjects in 3 layers following the Finnish National Core Curricular until Grade 9 and transition to IGCSE in Grade 10.


International Students will be exempt from studying Dhivehi, Islam and Quran. They will be offered additional lessons in other subjects during these periods.

Grades 8-10 will be considered a hybrid 3 years where FISM will offer a blend of Finnish National Core Curricula taking into account the syllabus of IGCSE to prepare students for year 10. However, Emphasis will still be on Finnish way of teaching and learning.

All students are required to take core subjects from Grades 1-10.

The next layer will be introduced between Grades 4-7 with introduction of additional subjects - History and Social Studies, Home Economics and Study Guidance.

From Grades 8-10, The Finnish National Core Curriculum and IGCSE will blend to introduce The Blue Economy framework in line with Subjects that is offered in IGCSE at the end of Grade 10.

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At FISM, we believe providing basic education is a fundamental right of all children. Therefore, similar to the education system in Finland, all students of FISM will receive their Finnish Basic Education Certificate at the end of Grade 10.

All students will be required to take the Core Subjects (expatriates students will be exempt from Dhivehi and Islam)

Students will familiarise with IGCSE subjects in Grade 8 and 9, then choose their final IGCSE subjects in Grade 10 from 4 groups in addition to the Core.

Students are required to take a minimum of 6 subjects and maximum of 10 subjects (including Core Subjects) from the subject groups in the FISM examination list.

At FISM, we encourage students to select subjects based on their interests, passion and ability. Students are not required to take the maximum number of subjects on offer.

Beyond Academics

FISM introduces 3 layers of activities beyond academics for student.


All the individual activities are connected to 7 transversal skills that forms the foundation of the Finnish National Core Curriculum.

First layer is built into the school as part of activities students engage in connected to the School's curriculum.

The Second Layer called "Expeditions" provides students opportunity to experience learning in a real world environment outside of their school and home setting.

The Third layer introduces students to Extra Curricular activities that are offered by the school in partnership with clubs and associations involved in Sports, Arts and STEM.

Curricula enriching programs

Our curricular enriching programs are an integral part of School life at FISM. Our extensive range of activities gives students the chance to connect with their peers and teachers, and provides opportunities for personal growth, development of self-discipline, and exploration of interests. In this  program we include some national programs from Finland.

School Parliament for grades 1-10

The School Parliament provides a forum where representatives from each HUB group meet, raise, discuss and propose resolutions for issues which are important to the students they represent. The process of electing representatives and convening meetings will model good democratic practice. Within our community we believe that each and every individual has the right to put forward their own views and opinions. We encourage students to build upon their leadership skills, which also coincide with our learner attributes.

Working Life practice for grades 6-9

The Curriculum of FISM promotes students’ positive attitudes towards work and working life and strengthens the knowledge base related to it. The students are familiarized with special features of business and industries and their key sectors in the local area. 

As it is important for the students to get experience of working life outside the school, our students in grades 6, 7 ,8 and 9 will participate in this program and conduct 1-3 days working practice.


The work practice offers the students opportunities to 

  • get experiences of the working life

  • practice working life skills

  • help the students to make educational and career choices and future plans and

  • learn about entrepreneurship, different industries, and professions that they find interesting.

School on the Move for grades 1-10

Finnish Schools on the Move is a national action programme aiming to establish a physically active culture in schools. The Schools on the Move activities encourage healthy bodies to foster healthy minds, both of which are beneficial for learning, and contribute to a peaceful atmosphere at school and improve the learning outcomes of learners.

The concept is composed of three areas:

● Creating an active school culture: Our goal is to decrease sedentary time and to increase physical activity by making the school culture more active in various ways.

● Developing the pedagogy: At FISM physical activity and active breaks are integrated in all lessons. We believe that the time used for physical activity does not exclude success in academics. 


● Increasing movement: Our goal is to add physical activity during the school day, which has a positive impact on students' wellbeing and school performance.

FISM Reading Diploma grades 1-9

Finland, ranked as the world's most literate country, understands the importance of reading widely to develop good reading skills. Reading benefits memory, communication, empathy, reduces stress, and improves mental health and happiness. Although optional, FISM's reading program is an excellent opportunity for students to engage with diverse reading, improve study skills and increase their vocabulary, with fiction being particularly helpful for improving reading skills.


Each year, our students participate in our new FISM flagship expedition program. The program is carefully curated to ensure that students have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, ecosystems, and historical events in a hands-on and experiential way. This program offers a life-changing experience that can help students gain a broader perspective on the world and develop a deeper appreciation for the natural environment.


Our primary  students will be able to participate in a program DISCOVER MALDIVES where they can explore different aspects of the local islands and atolls. Students will be able to participate in a beach restoration project, engage with arts-related activities, get familiar with the local agriculture, learn traditional cooking and more. Each year our students will be offered different activities and get to see a different side of the Maldives and become culturally more aware of their home country.

In the secondary, the students will be able to widen their horizon and will be provided an opportunity to participate in expeditions outside Maldives. DISCOVER THE WORLD program is targeted for our students in grades 7-10. These trips provide a chance for personal reflection and increase self-awareness and self-reliance through challenging and adventurous experiences in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Finland.

Extra-Curricular activities

Finland School provides extra-curricular activities  in collaboration with local clubs and associations throughout the school year. These activities are carefully chosen to enrich the school curriculum and to support our students' wellbeing.


These activities are related to art, music, sport, technology, languages, entrepreneurship, STEM, civic skills and in the form of afterschool activities. A list of these activities will be shared with parents each year at the beginning of the academic year.

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