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Secrets of FISM Junior School

Open learning environment

We are studying in large classrooms called HUBs which are connected to little studios for smaller group works.

Collaboration of 50 students

Classes include 50 students who work and study together in flexible groupings.​

Team teaching

Two Maldivian teachers and one Finnish form an expert team.


Two assistant teachers, one resource teacher and one SEN teachers are there to assist, to teach and to support the students.

Cultural identity

In respect of Maldivian culture and religion, our Quran teacher works closely with our students and teachers.

Individual timetables

Grade level group of students are divided into smaller groups to enable students’

individualized lessons. The beginnings and endings of the school days vary according

to the class-level timetables.


It is time to play and participate in games or just have a walk and talk with your friend!

Healthy lunch

Students are encouraged to bring a healthy lunch with them or enjoy one from our canteen.

Slight amount of homework

The amount of homework must be reasonable for children to have time for playing,

free reading, physical activities and friends and family!

FISM aims to prepare students for their future lives; by equipping them with the skill sets that they may require to excel in both their professional and personal lives. This is embedded into the curriculum itself, which not only elevates the joy of learning amongst students; but also provides them with a well rounded, holistic education.



In FIS Curriculum, we have localized the Finnish Core Curriculum to suit Maldivian school culture. The holistic perspective to educate and to bring up the students is apparent in our principles and in our cross-curricular approach.

FIS Curriculum is built on the principles of
  1. Uniqueness of each student and right to a good education

  2. Humanity, general knowledge, ability, and equality

  3. Cultural diversity as a richness

  4. Necessity of a sustainable way of life

The mission of basic education is driven by
  1. Educational task

  2. Social task

  3. Cultural task and

  4. Future-related task

Transversal competences are embedded in our curriculum to support students to achieve vital 21st century skills!

  1. Thinking and learning to learn

  2. Cultural competence, interaction and self-expression

  3. Taking care of oneself and managing daily life

  4. Multiliteracy

  5. ICT Competence

  6. Working life competence and entrepreneurship

  7. Participation, involvement and building a sustainable future

We study
  1. English

  2. Dhivehi

  3. Quran

  4. Islam

  5. Mathematics

  6. Environmental Studies

  7. History and Social Studies

  8. Music

  9. Visual Arts

  10. Crafts

  11. PE

  12. Physics

  13. Chemistry

  14. Biology

  15. Geography

  16. Home Economics

  17. Study Counselling


David Basketball Club (DBC)

Our AIM as the “DBC” is teaching the young and dynamic children and the youths of Maldives to play basketball at a highly competitive level. Our main focus is on building their spirit as professional sportsman's, structuring their foundation, and characterizing them to become a more valuable players.

Japan Shotokan Karate Association

Train Self Defence and physical fitness through Shotokan karate for school students from age 5 and above.


Typical Day

Weekly Clubs

Saaid Sports

SAAID SPORTS is a club conducting Kids Athletics Training Programs and designed to get kids excited about track and field athletics events.

Individual timetables

We all don't arrive to the school at the same time, since we have individual timetables for each class


Two classes are combined together. 

Learning takes place in open learning environments.

Team teaching

Two Maldivian teachers and one Finnish teacher team teach and divide the group of students into study groups 

according to students’ needs and goals of the tasks.


In between the lessons we have breaks for activities and fun. Our students are also encourage to bring healthy lunch to the school

Teacher's duty

General support

Every student is entitled to general support.

Intensified support

The supportive measures of intensified support are more regular and can be combined.

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