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Upon selection, an offer letter will be sent via email to the selected candidates. After signing the offer letter, an initial two (2) to five (5) year employment contract will be offered. Prior to completion of the initial employment contract period, it is the school’s intention to offer an extension to the employment contract. However, this will be based on satisfactory performance. Please note that preference will be given to candidates who can commit to more than 2 (two) years.
The employee must compensate the employer for the loss that would incur due to the early termination of the employment contract. In this regard, the employee must pay the employee a one-off payment dubbed as the “compensation fee”.This fee will be determined case by case by taking into account the hiring expenses of the employee. These include, but are not limited to; 01 way air ticket for the replacement teacher, visa deposit interest at the rate of 11%.vVisa fee paid by the company for the staff and their dependents (if any) for an extra period, insurance premium paid by the company for the staff and their dependents (if any) for the extra period, security deposit for repair and maintenance which the owner of the evacuated apartment may demand, unpaid utility bills at the time of evacuation, advertising costs, interviewing costs, replacement teacher’s training cost, administrative expenses and the like.

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