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Visa Arrangements

Upon signing the offer letter, all teachers will be required to send the following documents to apply for Employment Approval in the Maldives.

a. Passport Scanned copy, bio-data pages (Not less than 200 dpi resolution, JPEG format). Passport should have a validity of more than 1 (one) year when they arrive to Maldives.
b. Passport Size Photo, with white background recent photo not less than three months old (check photo guidelines in Appendix E).
c. Education Certificates of the highest qualification (attested / notarized copies), all certificates need to be in English language, and certificates in a foreign language should be translated to English.
d. Reference / work experience letters from your previous employer (Attested / notarized Copies) should be translated to English and notarized by a lawyer.
e. A recent criminal reference check report
f. Certificate of medical fitness to work in Maldives
a. This should state the medical history of the person and certify that the person do not suffer from AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis (or if undergoing treatment) and a basic physical examination.
The application for Employment Approval will be submitted to the Maldives Immigration via an online portal and it often takes 7-21 days for approval. This document is basically an approval to enter Maldives with intention to work, and should be converted to a work visa upon approval, subject to a medical checkup in Maldives.
Once Employment Approval is received, a mutual date of arrival will be decided and tickets will be purchased accordingly by the company. Upon arrival to Maldives, all teachers will be subjected to a standard medical checkup at one of the authorized hospitals and application for work permit has to be applied within 15 working days. The following documents are required to apply for the Work Visa.
a. Original Passport (with minimum of 7 months validity).
b. Copy of Employment Approval.
c. Work Visa card fee of MVR 50.
d. Passport Size Photo, with a white background recent photo not less than three months old (check photo guidelines in Appendix E).
e. Original of medical report from a local authorized hospital in the Maldives.
f. Work visa submission receipt.

Once work permit is approved, an immigration card will be issued to the employee. Work visa has to be renewed once every year.

If any teacher wishes to bring immediate family members to live in Maldives during the time of their employment, a separate visa called dependent visa has to be obtained for them. Application for a dependent visa can be made ONLY after the work visa for the employee is approved. Therefore, teachers have to travel alone to Maldives, obtain a visa and family can only arrive once the dependent visas are approved. If the family wishes to travel with the teacher, then they can only enter with a tourist visa and have to exit the country to apply for the dependent visa. The following documents will be required to apply for a Dependent Visa.

a. Application form
b. Passport size photo (recent, white background)
c. Valid Passport
d. Copy of valid work visa card or employment approval
e. Marriage certificate copy (if for the first time, should bring the original marriage certificate)
f. If for children; birth certificate copy (for the first time, should bring the original birth certificate)
g. Expatriate Health Insurance
h. Medical Report
i. Fee (MVR 750/- per 3 months or part of 3 months)
j. MVR 50/- for permit card

All visa related expenses for the employee and two other family members will be borne by the company. Any other visa related expenses for an employee's family has to be borne by the employee.
Please see appendix F for a visual of the visa process.

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